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We are risk management consultants providing a non-brokerage service helping corporations and companies save on their Corporate Insurance, Group Benefits, and Retirement plans.

Property & Casualty

Get access to over 8,000 casualty broker and vendor specialists to help you protect your assets from costly litigation, natural disaster, and the unexpected, all at an unbeatable price.

Group Benefits

Find and manage the most competitive and attractive Group Benefits packaged sourced from over 2,200 brokers in our global network.


Easily save on Retirement packages with access to over 2,000 retirement specialists, often without leaving existing relationships.

Subscription plans and pricing

$149 /year
  • Access to Global Marketplace
  • Property/Casualty Starter Package 
  • Group Benefits Starter Package 
  • Retirement Sourcing Beginning Assets
  • Revenue – From $1 to $1m
  • Employees – From 1 to 50
  • Retirement Assets – Up to $5m
$259 /year
  • Access to Global Marketplace
  • Property/Casualty with Premiums < $25K
  • Group Benefits with Premiums < $100K
  • Retirement Sourcing with Assets < $5M
$359 /year
  • Access to Global Marketplace
  • Property/Casualty with Premiums from $25K to $100K
  • Group Benefits with Premiums from $100K to $1M
  • Retirement Sourcing with Assets from $5M to $15M

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Risk data is processed, analyzed, and submitted to industry matching providers in the Global market.



Best in class plans and policies are received and distilled from our expanded market reach.

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“We engaged PolicySmart services to independently audit our USA Property/Casualty policies after experiencing a long-term brokerage relationship. Results showed significant policy gaps and that we were overpaying by 35% and PolicySmart fixed our problems”
Larry Lorber
Director of Operations
As operating as Director of Collections for The Whitney, we were interested in having an independent risk management consultant review our Fine Art and Property/Casualty policies. After this initial engagement we continued with PolicySmart to significantly reduce our medical insurance premiums too!
Nancy McGary
Director of Collections
As a Partner of Aurora, we hired PolicySmart to review the Group Benefit premiums for our portfolio companies. Resultant savings were in the millions. We liked the independent nature of PolicySmart of not being a broker selling products and adding new industry resources using their proprietary database.
John Mapes
“Acting as Director of Procurement for VNS Health I was seeking an independent Risk Management Consultant (non-broker) to independently audit our Property/Casualty policies. Results yielded gaps/duplications and overpayments. After the completion of our audit, we then engaged PolicySmart to use their proprietary database to find a new broker. They did so and saved VNS Health over $1m per-year while correcting the gaps we had in coverage.”
Don Brown
Director of Procurement