Our Story

PolicySmart® offers innovative and creative solutions to leadership teams who are responsible for commercial insurance and retirement programs.  Acting as risk management consultants in a non-brokerage (do not sell product) outsourced procurement capacity, a variety of industries, both domestic and international, have successfully engaged Policy Smart services.

The brainchild of Christopher Roche, Policy Smart was conceived as a strategic vision to expand market access for commercial clients constrained by traditional industry boundaries and improve upon an outdated supply chain.

Drawing on his experiences as a broker himself, Chris invented The CMR Database®.  CFOs, CEOs and Business Owners no longer need to evaluate plans through the confines of limited market access, time-consuming interviews with brokers/vendors, complicated contractual terminology or deal with any last-minute vendor proposals.

PolicySmart®, CMR’s new digital platform, matches clients to new suppliers by using collaboration and data, global price trending and a  deep database 13,000 broker specialists in real-time in over 120 countries.  Subject matter expertise includes; Property/Casualty, Group Benefits or Retirement disciplines.  Our trademarked system (The CMR Database®) tracks  data points of each broker  in such areas as; industry classification, rates, fees, investment performance, limits, premiums, best in class service teams, etc. so that a client can acquire greater industry access and uncover peer-pricing transparencies – quickly, confidentially and in the comfort of their own office

Don’t limit your organization to obsolete practices – our tested and proven systems has expanded industry entry points locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  So far Policy Smart has helped secure over $120M in industry savings for its clients and has positioned itself as one of the leading risk management consulting firms.

Let CMR + PolicySmart® help your organization make lasting improvements, drive operational improvement and achieve an even greater market position! 

Secure a no cost confidential benchmark now at: www.policysmart.com

Christopher Roche, Founder

Christopher Roche founded Policy Smart in 1999, motivated by his experiences as an insurance broker for Marsh Inc., the world’s leading insurance broker, and risk advisor.

His interactions with global CEOs and CFOs lent him great insight into the intricacies of purchasing large blocks of commercial insurance (Property/Liability/Group Benefits). Furthermore, he developed a working knowledge of the needs of CEOs and CFOs in securing and structuring Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans for their companies.

Chris soon realized that his clients’ reliance on local brokers and providers was resulting in large disparities in the cost and quality of insurance, with quantitative and qualitative outcomes varying between 10% and 40% based upon geographic entry point and a particular broker’s expertise.

In order to reconcile these inconsistencies, Chris conducted research in 120 countries and compiled a detailed database of over 13,000 brokers, broker/dealers, specialists, and direct writers in the Property/Liability, Group Benefits, and Retirement disciplines. His ongoing research makes up The CMR Database®–a proprietary system that tracks 40 different characteristics of each specialist, matching their core competencies to a client’s industry classification and customized needs. Clients can now quickly, confidentially, and conveniently benchmark their existing rating fees and coverage characteristics by accessing The CMR Database® through Policy Smart™.

PolicySmart® guarantees clients the expanded access they deserve in a multi-trillion dollar industry. Drawing upon its global market intelligence, Policy Smart has saved clients $120 million in industry overcharges to date. Their success has lead to national and international expansion.