Business Insurance Marketplace

Business Insurance MarketplaceWhen you are looking for business insurance that can fit your company’s needs, you need to look at the overall business insurance marketplace that CMR + PolicySmart® monitors and tracks. We believe that no one company is alike, even if they sell similar products. Because your business is unique, we believe that curating the appropriate broker and insurance policy to your needs is paramount. We dedicate ourselves to learning what you need in every aspect so that you do not have to spend time away from running your company. To learn more about business insurance and see how we can help you, give us a call. We can schedule a no cost consultation to learn what your business insurance needs are or independently review what you have now.

What can business insurance do for your company?

We know you are business savvy and you want to ensure you are doing the right thing for your company without overspending. When there is potential for risk and financial loss, business insurance can make sure you are protected. Because your business has unique sets of risks and potential losses, we know you will be exploring the marketplace for business insurance that will cover your company. 

  • Business insurance can help protect you when you have important files, proprietary software and confidential information on your computers and traveling through online communication. It is important to speak with us about your cyber-crime protection needs.
  • When an employee becomes injured while they were conducting on-the-job work, you want to make sure you have Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover damages sustained by the accident. 
  • If you are no longer able to operate your business for some reason, insurance for loss of income or business interruption can help cover your employee’s income or the rent for your company. 

What happens when a loss occurs?

If you are wondering what happens when an actual business loss occurs, you are not alone. Typically, right after damage is done to your company or an accident occurs, your insurance will pay for the financial losses. Your policy will have a certain limit and when you file a claim with insurance and they can payout up to that policy amount. An adjuster will go over the accident and the damage that was done while processing your claim and they will get back to you with the amount of compensation that they believe is appropriate. 

If you would like to learn more about which business insurance is right for your company, call CMR + PolicySmart® at (888) 873-1982 to learn about the overall marketplace for business insurance today.