Commercial Insurance Consultants New York

Commercial Insurance Consultants New YorkWhen you are building your business and trying to protect it, you should speak with the commercial insurance consultants New York offers from CMR & Associates, Inc. We understand that when it comes to protecting a business you have built and the employees who work there, you may believe that means sifting through many different types of commercial insurance policies and comparing which ones are the best for you. However, our consultants want to help you find the insurance that is right for your business and that helps protect your unique needs. Want to learn more about how we can help your business? Call our office now. 

Surely there’s a one-size-fits-all policy out there that I can use for my business, right? Wouldn’t that be the most beneficial? 

While it may sound nice to get a comprehensive insurance policy for your business, that won’t be the best thing to help your business grow. When you work with our New York commercial insurance consultants, you are getting a team of people who care about the individual needs of your business. If you own an interior design company and you have a comprehensive policy that also makes you pay for coverage that construction companies would need, you would be paying for insurance that, frankly, doesn’t apply to you. 

What is the purpose of commercial property insurance? 

When you run a business and that business has a physical location, you need to have some type of commercial property insurance to ensure your tools, equipment, inventory, building, and its contents are all protected. In the event that something terrible happens (a fire, a flood, or theft), you know that your items will be covered so that they can be replaced or fixed. Depending on whether you are leasing the property or not, this insurance may be a strict requirement. 

Why does my insurance cover “bodily injury”? 

In the terrible event that someone is harmed while they are on your property (or you are injured while you are working while on someone else’s property), bodily injury is a part of the commercial insurance that can help cover medical expenses and liability lawsuits. If someone is injured or dies as a result of those injuries, this will also cover things like pain and suffering or funeral expenses. 

At CMR & Associates, Inc., our Policy Smart services can get your business matched with the right insurance policy at competitive costs. Speak with our commercial insurance consultants in New York today. Or, visit us at and follow us on Twitter…