Corporate Casualty Insurance

Corporate Casualty InsuranceWhen you own a business, you need corporate Casualty insurance so that you can protect the assets in your company. We understand that when you are managing a corporation, you do not have time to look at all the different aspects of Casualty insurance. This is why you need the help of the team at PolicySmart®. When you purchase the right type of Casualty insurance, you know you are not only protecting your assets and transferring risk but also your employee’s future and your customers. If you work with us, you know you are not just getting an insurance agent who is trying to sell you on expensive policies. Instead, you are getting someone who acts as an independent consultant who wants you to find the appropriate broker and policy that is best suited for your company. To learn more about the different types of Casualty insurance, give us a call now. 

Is there a difference between casualty insurance and property insurance?

When you hear about Casualty insurance and Property insurance for your company, you may have an understanding, even at a basic level, what this is. Most people hold these types of insurance for their personal items such as your car insurance or home insurance. So, when you think of Casualty insurance, you know you are getting insurance that will protect your company against various liabilities. For example, if a customer is on your business’ property and becomes injured, Casualty insurance can help. Property insurance helps when your company has a loss of physical property. 

How do I get Casualty insurance for my corporation?

When you are looking into Casualty insurance, you want to ensure you are getting the appropriate agent/broker and policy that will respond to your company’s needs. Depending on what you offer, create or sell at your business, you may have a larger amount of risk. If you speak with our team, we will make sure you are getting the exact policy you need for your company without someone trying to sell you a particular product.

What will my Casualty insurance cover?

It is important that you know what your Casualty insurance covers in the event that something happens at your company. You can speak with our team about the coverage and you can also read the “Declarations Page” listed in your insurance policy. 

Who should you call if your company is not protected?

If you need Casualty insurance and do not know who to call, call the team at PolicySmart®.  We want to help make your business as strong as possible. To learn more about Casualty insurance for corporations or organizations (profit or non-profit), call us at  (888) 873-1982 to speak with us now.