Independent Insurance Consultant New York

Independent Insurance Consultant New YorkAt CMR & Associates, Inc., our independent insurance consultant New York understands that you may not be aware of how helpful an insurance consultant can be. There are many points in your life where you know you need expert help with things: when you are purchasing or selling a home you work with a real estate agent. When you need to file a legal claim you get the help of an attorney. So, when you are trying to find an insurance policy that suits your company and your company’s individual needs, why would you try to do this without the help of someone who knows the industry? At CMR & Associates, Inc., we take great pride in the ways our Policy Smart platform can help you find the insurance policy best for your company. Want to learn more? Give us a call. 

Why would an independent insurance consultant be right for me? 

When you get the opinion of your New York independent insurance consultant, you know that means you are getting unbiased help. We care about finding policies that match your company’s needs and as an independent party, our unbiased opinion can be a valuable resource for you. Further, we know you are probably great at what you do. Maybe you started your business in your parents’ garage or you have worked hard to build a corporation that has offices in different countries. When you have the ability to focus on the company you are running, you don’t have the time to suddenly become knowledgeable about many different insurance policies and coverages. 

I have an insurance agent. What do you offer that they do not? 

When you are already working with an insurance agent, you know that their job is to sell you their insurance. That isn’t to say it didn’t work for your company at a specific point in time. However, an insurance agent primarily has one job to do and that is to sell you insurance from the company they are working for. As independent insurance consultants, you know we don’t have that incentive. Instead of a commission from an insurance company, we work hard to learn your company’s specific needs without the pressure of losing a commission from a specific insurance company. 

We care about our client’s best interests and when you work with our team, you know you are getting the individual attention you need to succeed in your business. Want to learn more about the ways we can help? Contact our independent insurance consultant in New York from CMR & Associates, Inc. now. Please visit us at and follow us on Twitter…