Managing Healthcare Cost for Low-Income Employees

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Companies of all sizes struggle with the cost of providing quality medical insurance for their employees. A provision in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) called for expansion of Medicaid eligibility in order to cover more low-income employees. This expansion creates new opportunities as open enrollment approaches.

For most employers, open medical enrollment is a challenging time. In addition to the high level of activity during the renewal period, open enrollment can also expose an organization to new risk.  Low-income employees that do not participate in any medical plan struggle to afford coverage. As new medical needs arise, they might choose to enroll in the company-sponsored plan, which can result in increased usage and unexpected cost exposure.

To assists employers in managing this risk, CMR & Associates has a unique solution through its alliance with BeneStream. Through its signature service – “Medicaid for the Workplace” – BeneStream offers qualified employees the option of low-cost government-sponsored healthcare as an alternative to enrolling in a company-sponsored plan. Employees with family incomes of up to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level ($35,000 for a household of 4) can obtain more affordable coverage. 

By availing themselves of the “Medicaid for the Workplace” service provided by BeneStream, employers will be providing their employees with a new low-cost health benefit in an expanded network. This service can help employers by reducing the potential of large claims, lower premium cost, and improve employee retention.

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