Private Equity Specialist

Private Equity Specialist

When you are looking to speak with a private equity specialist about the future of your company, look no further than the trusted team at CMR/PolicySmart. You may be wondering what a specialist in this field does on a day-to-day basis and how they can help your company grow and become more successful. Private equity (or PE), is actively investing in private companies. The purpose of doing so is to help them grow over the long-term and generate attractive returns for investors. When you work with a specialist in this field from our office, you can expect that your management team will be working closely with them to continue increasing your investment portfolio value. 

What does a specialist do?

Before you work with one, you may be wondering what they typically do. One of the first things a specialist for private equity will do is raise money. The money can come from various resources: investors from banks or insurance companies, private investors, or fundraisers. This is an important first step because when a specialist is raising money, they want to show investors how they have performed with past companies and how successful they are. 

The next step is finding an investment worth pursuing. While this can be done through an investment bank, many specialists reach out personally to managers and owners of companies, especially if they specialize in specific targeted industries. Before even working with a company, the specialists will need to examine a company’s financial records, examine senior management trend projections in the industry, analyze the competition and develop a plan of action, often referred to as due diligence.

After this, the specialist may acquire the targeted company. Over the next few years, a specialist will help manage the company and ensure they are performing well before selling it off or merging with another similar-type industry, sometimes referred to as a rollup strategy. This process is typically done with the help of an entire team of due diligence specialists including legal CPA’s and insurance experts. Finally, after a set period of time, the investment is sold off and that is where the specialist makes a return. The sale can be through an IPO, with another private equity company, or another business. 

How can a specialist help you?

If you are looking to increase the value and growth of your company, it is time to see how a specialist at CMR/PolicySmart can help you. For more information on what we can do for you and to set up a consultation with a specialist in private equity, call our office today at (888) 873-1982; you’ll be glad you did. 


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