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Corporate Property Insurance

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When you want to protect your company’s building and contents, you need to find the right corporate Property insurance. Most clients buy locally utilizing social contracts or personal referral sources. Why not access expanded market depth using PolicySmart’s proven system? If this sounds like a better option for you, call the trusted team at PolicySmart®. Each client will have their own unique exposures. We will ensure all your characteristics will be considered.

What kinds of things does Property insurance cover?

Protecting your business is paramount. We know how hard it is to run a business, manage employees, and take care of your physical assets, which is why we want to alleviate this burden. Property insurance for your organization helps if disasters occur or even minor instances that impact operations.

You may be concerned that insurance will not cover your property if you work from home or lease an office space, but that is why it is important to speak with our team. We will consistently work with you to determine your unique exposures to ensure you are getting Property insurance that precisely fits your needs.

  • Production capacity shuts down for six-months
  • Supply Chain interruption
  • Your building floods because a pipe burst and destroys your electronics
  • Your building and everything inside are destroyed because of a fire
  • An earthquake damages your manufacturing operations
  • And much more.  Speak with us  to find out

What kinds of things would be covered by property insurance?

There are many things that insurance will cover if your property is damaged.

  • Any equipment, improvements, or furniture in your building
  • The physical structure of your building, including collapse
  • Finished products in transit — air, sea, and land.
  • Stock, inventory, and work in progress.
  • Outdoor areas and landscaping
  • Business interruption
  • Critical suppliers
  • And much more.  Speak with us  to find out

Why do you need Property insurance?

For some, it may be tempting to believe that a fire or a flood could never happen. However, even a small amount of damage can leave your property (and your business) beyond repair if you do not have the correct type of insurance. Instead of being concerned that the doors to your business will be closed temporarily or permanently, know that with the right Property insurance, you will suffer minimal financial disruption.

FAQs About Property & Casualty Services

More Questions?

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Yes, but it is important to complete financial worksheets, so you have adequate protection and documentation.
Yes, this can be covered and often referred to as contingent business interruption.
Yes, many insurance companies will expand their policy to provide protection in other countries.

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