Private Equity

Search for general liability for small business and more with our proven data in private equity for Defined Benefits, Defined Contribution, 401(k), 401(b), Risk Management (Property/Casualty) and Group Benefit (Medical/Ancillary) spend categories.

Private Equity – Creating Alpha

With over $2.4 trillion of assets under management, Private Equity firms are constantly seeking expert advice and counsel from their professional service relationships in the areas of law, accounting, finance, actuary and insurance.

When term sheets are signed and technical information begins flowing, events move quickly towards near-term improvement, functional performance turnaround and competitive positioning.  Deal makers rely on accurate advice free from conflicting interests and industry incentives.

Navigating with Personalized Information

To address these concerns, CMR + PolicySmart™ has carved out a P-E niche that quickly responds to rapid time constraints, by coordinating activities with other sourced professional service firms. This is achieved through our focus on such subject matter areas as Defined Benefits, Defined Contribution, 401(k), 401(b), Risk Management (Property/Casualty) and Group Benefit (Medical/Ancillary) spend categories.

Acting in a non-broker/vendor capacity, we have helped to facilitate acquisitions and divestitures in a variety of industries—nationally and internationally—saving clients over $120 million by collaborating with broker/vendors and P-E specialists who have a deep understanding of P-E and investment cycles.

Our unique platform, The CMR Database® was developed as an alternative to the traditional and outdated distribution channels now in place.  With a global network of over 11,000 broker, vendor and industry specialists in 120 countries, we offer real-time cross-industry benchmarking data and peer-pricing information across a broad variety of industries in all investment classes.

Improve your Market Position through an Expanded Outlook

P-E firms now have access to millions of pre-negotiated rates, fees, limits, program designs, pricing data and industry specialties extending beyond localized efforts without the need for lengthy broker/vendor interviews.  During pre-close, we will identify targeted areas to improve such as  enhanced EBITA, lower premiums/fees/commissions, audit of policy language/terms, litigation avoidance, fiduciary compliance, ERISA and ACA legislation guidance, transfer of risk, maximization of claim recoveries, pension funding adequacy, aggregate buying power, reveal vulnerabilities and enhanced investment strategies. And if you’re searching for general liability for small business, we can find that too.

By bringing our 95 percent success rate at improving programs to the table, we will engage with you in the due-diligence process with expanded data and analytics to develop a 100-day plan post-close to capture near term opportunities and ensure the success of your long term investment.

Here is a rundown of how the process works:

General Liability


  • We sign a NDA to gain access to the data room to review documents
  • We then use portfolio data points to confidentially compare with your peer groups via The CMR Database®
  • We provide market feedback to your P-E team for targeted opportunities
  • We then provide a formalized work engagement proposal—with P-E firm or portfolio company(ies)


  • We confer with the portfolio company to fully understand the existing structure of the existing program
  • Prepare bid specifications after carefully reviewing policy terms/conditions
  • Fine tune broker/vendor search using The CMR Database®
  • Solicit proposals and manage the process with minimal l time expended by your team
  • Compare, analyze and consolidate proposals into a Final Report to your senior management team.


  • Representations & Warrantees
  • Captive Studies, Rent-A-Captive Study Or Risk Retention Groups
  • Due-Diligence (Merger/Acquisitions)
  • Policy Coverage Audits: Property/Casualty
  • Self-Funded Medical Plans, Stop-Loss and Aggregate
  • Network Discounts, Wellness and Claim Intervention Analysis
  • International Benefit Coverage And Cost Review
  • ERISA Compliance: Department Of Labor (DOL) Audits – Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Independent Risk Management Consultant
  • Do Not Sell Product—Non-Broker/Vendor
  • Directors & Officers’ Portfolio Programs
  • Environmental Liability – Pollution Liability
  • Pension Funding Analysis
  • General Liability for Small Business
  • Non Discrimination Retirement Rules
  • Fiduciary Compliance 401(k), 403(b) testing
  • Professional Liability, Medical Malpractice, Physician Malpractice, Hospital Malpractice
  • Property And Business Interruption Review
  • Coverage Gaps/Duplications
  • 408b(3) Fee Review
  • Retirement Vendor/Broker Fee Analysis