Let us help you manage your retirement cost and shed light as a non broker retirement advisory.

Retirement Advisory (Non-Broker/ Non-Vendor)

Virtually everyone hopes to conclude their career and enter into a comfortable retirement.Ā  But with Americansā€™ and the World’s personal savings rate in the single digitsā€”and several polls indicating that workers are retiring later than anticipatedā€”the pathway to a secure retirement is a challenging task for both individuals and employers.

In the effort to address these challenges, many CFOs, Investment Committees, and Human Resource departments do their best to provide retirement plan options.Ā  Most large employers do what they can through 401kā€™s, local government mandated plans or the more-traditional Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution plans. Some use employee stock options or discount share purchase plans. The goal: to attract and retain key employees.

Still, the complexity of retirement plans, the cost and time to implement and administer them, along with the cost of expert talent, makes it a significant challenge. Add to this a variety of vendors and the array of products, is no wonder that many CFOs and Investment Committees are frustrated with the current provider/vendor delivery system they may have in placeā€¦ yet are resistant to make a change and invest time in lengthy broker/vendor interviews.

A Resource Unlike Any Other

Thatā€™s where CMR + PolicySmartā„¢Ā can help. Using our trademarked e-sourcing system, The CMR DatabaseĀ® of over 2,000 Broker/Dealers, Advisors, Administrators, CPAs,Ā  actuaries and custodians, clients have been able to save millions of dollars, often without leaving existing relationships. The database tracks such characteristics as assets under management (AUM), investment performance, historical price trending, peer-pricing data, plan designs, industry segmentation, servicing teams, fees, 408(b)2 fees, basis points and more for millions of programs worldwide. With risk is also a concern, we can help you manage your commercial liability insurance cost. We have done the legwork and you receive the benefit of our 10-years plus of independent industry research.

At CMR, we act free from industry conflicting interests and incentives. We will provide independent and unbiased advice as to selecting the best in class industry experts who can provide you the solutions to attain your organization’s retirement goals and objectives.

Here is a rundown as to how the process works:


  • You provide basic information by registering now.
  • We will use your portfolio data points to confidentially compare portfolio characteristics with your peer groups. (rates, advisory fees, 408(b)2 fees, basis points, assets, etc.).
  • We provide market feedback to the C-Suite to pinpoint areas to improve.
  • We will provide a formal work engagement proposal to your decision makers.


  • We will confer with your HR Department and Investment Committee to fully understand the structure of your existing program and needs of employees
  • We prepare bid specifications after carefully reviewing policy terms/conditions
  • We fine tune broker/vendor search using The CMR DatabaseĀ®
  • We then solicit proposals and manage the process with minimal time expended by your team
  • We then compare, analyze and consolidate the proposals culminating in a final report to your senior management


  • Sub-Transfer Agency Fees
  • Retirement Plan Benchmarking
  • Risk Management Consulting and Assessment
  • Retirement Advisory
  • 401(k)s or 408(b)2s
  • Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution
  • Employee stock ownership plans,
  • E-sourcing – The CMR DatabaseĀ®
  • Department of Labor (DOL) audits and ERISA compliance
  • Cross industry benchmarking data for 401(k), 403(b) & 457 plans (including Safe Harbor and Roth)Profit-Sharing Plans (including customized allocation formulas)
  • ESOPs
  • Defined Benefit Plans- Defined Contribution Plans
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
  • (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)
  • Retirement Procurement Services
  • Commercial Liability Insurance Cost
  • Investment policy statement (IPS)
  • Mutual Fund Share Classes
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance review
  • Fiduciary assessment report
  • Record keeping fees
  • Expensive ratios
  • 408(b)2 fees
  • Union or Non-union plans
  • Retirement plan audit
  • Due-Diligence for Private-Equity
  • International Retirement Programs
  • Transactional Liability – Representations & Warranties
  • Retirement Spend Analysis


  • ABB, Inc. – $35.2m
  • Lockheed Martin – $62m
  • International Paper – $30m
  • Boeing – $57m
  • Caterpillar – $16.5m
  • Fidelity Investments – $12m
  • Ameriprise Financial – $27.5m